The CCCS High School, Jr. High and

Elementary School Choirs will be singing

Thanksgiving Eve Service,

November 22nd at 7PM

All High School, Junior High & Elementary Choirs are required perform

Dress: Choir Attire (black dress shoes)

Call Time: 6:00pm  (please arrive a little early; we only have from 6-6:15pm to practice)

Performance Begins: 7:00 pm

Pick Up: 7:30pm and take back in

to church for service

Address: 12808 Woodruff Ave Downey CA 90242 "Main Sanctuary"

Student Pick Up will occur in the South Sanctuary. Parents must pick up their student in the South Sanctuary at 7:30pm. We encourage all students and families to join us for the remainder of the Thanksgiving Eve service.

See Online Booking Page

For CCCS Choir Students only

Choir Students!

Scroll down for audition times for Thanksgiving Eve service