From time to time we might have to make last minute changes to pre-arranged schedules.  Please check here for any last minute updates or messages from

Dr. Young-Goodner.

•  PERFORMANCE OUTLINE: An outline of the choir’s events for the 2021-2022 school year has been uploaded for your planning convenience! You can use this outline to help plan family vacations and birthday celebrations: CCCS Choir Events 2022/2023. The same info is also on the “calendar” page of the choir website. Please note that sometimes schedules change, so please communicate if there is a conflict.

Tunelark Choir HW:

Choir Podcasts: Those students that are working on preparing for upcoming performances, please visit the choir podcast page to listen to the music! Please practice diligently so that we can eliminate any mistakes from our singing! If you have any trouble with viewing the PDF or hearing the podcast music, please e-mail Dr. Young-Goodner ASAP so that she can send you the music directly!

•  ATTENTION: Make sure that you are checking the Calendar of Events for performances throughout the year. The Calendar of Events has been updated for the 2021-2022 school year. I will constantly be adding performances to the schedule, so please keep checking back here on a regular basis! We also have a Google Calendar, so check it out on the Choir Calendar Page! Remember, all performances/rehearsals are mandatory. All students are expected to attend unless they have previously contacted Dr. Young-Goodner ahead of time regarding 1) a death in the immediate family or 2) if the student is seriously sick.

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